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prolixity, preciseness and perplexity


A. 主句的状语的位置, 一般放在助动词后, 行为动词前, 与基础英语频度副词如; often, sometimes,always,never,seldom的位置相同。例如:

The Company shall, at all time during the term of the Joint Venture, effect and maintain full and adequate insurance against loss or damage by fire and such risks as are customarily issued in connection with the operation of the Company.


If, at any time during the execution of the Work, the Engineer requires the Contractor to make bore-holes or to carry out exploratory excavation, such requirement shall in accordance with Clause 51, be the subject of an instruction unless an item or a Provisional Sum in respect of such work is included in the Bill of Quantities.


第 51 条规定以指示形式下达这一要求,但工程量报价表中已经包括了涉及此类工作的项号或暂定金额者除外。


If, at any time during the execution of the Contract, either of the Parties to the contract is prevented from executing the Contract in case of Force Majeure such as war, serious fires, flood, typhoon and earthquake, etc., the time for execution of the Contract shall be extended for a period equal to the affect of those causes.


If, at the time and in the place agreed under Sub-Clause 37.3, the materials or plant are not ready for inspecting or testing or if, as a result of the inspection or testing referred to in this Clause, the Engineer determines that the materials or plant are defective or otherwise not in accordance with the Contract, the Engineer may reject the materials or the plant and shall notify the Contract thereof immediately.

如果在按第 37.3 条约定的时间和地点,供检查和检验的材料或工程设备未准备好,或者按本条规定所作的检查或检验结果,工程师认为材料或工程设备有缺陷或是不符合合同规定的,则工程师可拒收这些材料或工程设备,并应立即通知承包人。



A party dissatisfied with the judgment may, within 15 day upon receipt of the judgment, file an appeal to the next upper People’s Court.


The Contractor shall, unless otherwise provided in the Contract, make his own arrangement for the engagement of all staff and labour, local or other, and for their payment, housing, feeding and transport.


2.否定前置与倒装(Negative Fronting and Anastrophe)



l Nothing in Article 12.3 shall prevent Party A or any of its affiliation from continuing to carry

on any of their present businesses.


l Neither party, without prior consent of the other, may assign or transfer to nay third party any

equity interests held by its side.



In no event shall the Seller be liable for lost profits, delay, injury to goodwill or any special or

consequential damages howsoever any of the same are caused.

对于利润损失、延误、商誉损害或任何特别或间接的损害赔偿,不论任何原因引起的,卖方概不承担责任。 l

In this case, Party B shall refund to Party A the amount which Party A has paid to Party B plus

the related interest at the rate of 10% per year immediately, but in no case shall such refunding by Party B exceeds 30 days from receipt from Party A of the notice to terminate the contract.

在此种情况下,乙方应立即返还甲方已支付给乙方的款项并按年利率 10%加算利息,但不论怎样乙方该返还不得超过收到甲方终止合同通知后 30 日。

3.被动语态(Passive Voice)



l Failure to notify Party A shall be deemed to be a material breach of this Agreement.

未能按上述要求通知甲方的,则视为构成实质违约。 (作谓语)

Seller agrees to sell and the Buyer agrees to buy the undermentioned goods subject to terms

and conditions set forth hereinafter as follows:,

按如下列明的条款,卖方同意出售,买方同意购买下述商品: (作后置定语)

Therefore, Executive agrees that the Company shall be entitled to an injunction restraining

Executive from any actual or threatened breach of paragraphs 7, 8 or 9 or to any other appropriate equitable remedy without any bond or other security being required.

因此,董事同意本公司无需提供任何保证或其他担保,有权发出申请禁令限制董事任何实际或危及违反 7、8 或 9 节的行为或获得任何其他适当衡平救济。 (作状语)

The payment of all the expenses under this contract shall be made by M/T through Bank of

China, Shenzhen Branch and the bank designated by Party B.

所有合同项下的费用均应通过中国银行深圳分行和乙方指定银行进行支付。 (作谓语和后置定语)

Upon termination or dissolution of the Partnership,the partnership will be promptly liquidated,

with all debts being paid first, prior to any distribution of the remaining funds.

合伙企业一经终止或解散,合伙企业立即清算,在分割剩余财产前,首先偿还所有债务。 (作谓语和状语)

1. Such…as 的用法

英文合同力求严密、准确,为避免误解和歧义,常用 such……as 作关系代词,引导从句,把所修饰的词或短语放在 such 和 as 之间来明确含义。例如:

The Engineer shall have authority to issue to the Contractor, from time to time, such supplementary Drawings and instructions as shall be necessary for the purpose of the proper and adequate execution and completion of the Works and the remedying of any defects therein.


B shall provide such information and data as useful and necessary for the negotiation and appoint a person to cooperate with the representatives from C or New Company and the People''s Insurance Company of China in charge of the negotiation.


The Employee shall also comply with such future Employer policies, rules, regulations, performance standards and manuals as may be published or amended from time to time.


The Contractor shall provide the following personnel on the Site for the purpose of the execution and completion of the Works and remedying of any defects:

Only such technical assistants as are skilled and experienced in their respective callings (fields) and such formen and leading hands as are competent to give proper superintendence of the Works.


All material, Plant and Workmanship shall, from time to time, be subject to such tests and inspections as the Engineer may require at the place of manufacture, fabrication or preparation, or on the Site, or at such other place or places as may be specified in the Contract, or at all or any of such places.